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Does A Seatbelt Ticket Affect Car Insurance?

Auto insurance can be quite costly depending on where you live, and most drivers work hard to keep their rates cheap through careful, responsible driving. You likely already know that accidents, speeding tickets, and other moving violations can affect your premiums and cause your rates to go up, but does a seatbelt ticket affect insurance? […]

One-Day Car Insurance

One day car insurance, or seen as 1 – 28 day insurance, is a specialty coverage that can give you the protection you need for anywhere from 1 to 28 days. Short term car insurance is far more affordable and flexible than buying a brand-new policy or calling your current insurer to amend your existing […]

What Happens When A Car Is Totaled?

A totaled car can be a scary idea. If the cost of repairing your car is close to or exceeds the value of the vehicle, your insurance company may call it a total loss. But what happens when your car is totaled? After an accident, there is a lot going through your mind. You’ll eventually […]

Car Insurance Without A License

While there are many ways to get car insurance without a license, the best way to find insurance coverage is to simply buy a policy and list yourself as an excluded driver. This type of insurance will ensure that the car and the listed drivers have the proper proof of insurance coverage necessary to drive […]

Monthly Car Insurance

If you’re curious about monthly car insurance and want to know whether month-to-month auto insurance plans make sense for you, it’s important to compare the pros and cons of short term coverage. While you may miss out on the discounts and lower rates offered to drivers who pay for a full policy upfront, monthly insurance […]

No Credit Check Car Insurance

If you have a low credit score or bad credit, you should know that no credit check car insurance may be an option for you. While car insurance rates are calculated based on a number of factors, your credit score can result in companies charging you very high premiums or not wanting to insure you […]

Average Car Insurance Rates By State

The national average cost of car insurance is $1,625 per year, or about $135 per month. Average car insurance rates by state vary due to many factors, such as state laws and minimum auto insurance requirements, population density, traffic conditions, number of car accidents, healthcare costs, the percentage of uninsured or under-insured drivers, auto theft, […]

Average Car Insurance Rates By Age

Ever wonder about average car insurance rates by age? Age is one of the most important factors car insurance companies use when calculating car insurance rates. An auto insurance company uses age as an indication of driving experience and accident risk. Generally speaking, the older you get and the more experience you have driving, the less […]

Consequences of Driving Without Insurance

Driving without car insurance is definitely a high-risk move. Car insurance is a requirement in 49 out of 50 states, and of those, 47 states have mandatory minimum coverage amounts that you must carry in order to legally have your car on the road. Failing to have at least that minimum liability insurance – or […]

Car Insurance With A Suspended License

Getting car insurance with a suspended license can problematic. If your driver’s license has been suspended, then you might have questions about how to find cheap car insurance. While you may still be able to buy insurance for drivers with a suspended license, your current company may decide to cancel your policy or prevent you […]

Factors That Affect Car Insurance Rates

If you’re wondering what factors affect your car insurance rates, there are actually a number of ways companies calculate insurance prices. Also known as auto insurance rating factors, there are many different variables that impact premiums and others that do not influence your cost of insurance. Generally, the personal factors that affect your premiums the […]

Cheapest Cars To Insure

If you’re looking to buy a new car and get affordable insurance, here’s a list of the cheapest cars to insure. While most drivers only focus on the cost of loan payments and vehicle maintenance, it’s also important to consider cars with the lowest insurance rates if you want to save money in the long-run. […]

Car Insurance For An 18-Year-Old

What to Know When it comes to car insurance, teenager average rates are $333 per month or $4,000 annually. Car insurance quotes for girls are usually 20 percent lower than for guys. You can get cheap car insurance for young women drivers and young men drivers by comparison shopping and applying for discounts. Wondering how […]

Car Insurance For A 16 Year Old

Curious about car insurance for a 16 year old? You may be surprised to learn that there is a big difference in the average cost of insurance for a 16 year old male and female depending on whether he/she is added to their parent’s policy or get their own coverage. For example, average insurance rates […]

Do non-moving violations affect insurance? [Expert Advice]

Ever wonder if non-moving violations are among the factors that affect car insurance rates? Maybe you want to know what a non-moving violation is and why you should care. There are actually two categories of traffic violations for which you can receive tickets: moving and non-moving violations. So what’s the difference? Do non-moving violations affect […]

How long does an accident stay on your driving record?

What to Know Monthly insurance rates increase an average of $59 after an accident Some states prohibit providers from raising rates when drivers are not at fault An accident stays on your record for about three years Knowing how long a fender bender will stay on your driving record and how much your insurance rates […]

Cheapest States For Car Insurance

Need to find the cheapest states for car insurance? While there are many factors that affect a driver’s auto insurance rates, including age, experience, driving record, personal statistics and state requirements, coverage and premiums do vary from one state to another. Nevertheless, if you’re considering a career change or want to move your family, keeping […]

Best Car Insurance For Young Adults

Finding the best cheap car insurance for young adults under 25 can take time, but it is certainly a useful investment if you want to avoid overpaying for auto coverage each month. Because insurance rates for young drivers under the age of 25 can vary widely between car insurance companies, comparing quotes online can help […]

Car Insurance For Bad Credit

Bad credit can affect your life in many ways. You may find it difficult to take out a loan for a car or home, get approved for a new credit card, rent an apartment, and even get affordable auto insurance. Fortunately, there still is car insurance for drivers with bad credit. Although cheap car insurance […]

Cheapest Used Cars To Insure

Curious about the cheapest used cars to insure? Learning which cars have the cheapest insurance is one way to get the lowest premiums. And while your age, gender, and driving history can affect your auto insurance rates, buying one of the least expensive cars to insure is another important way to keep your premiums down […]