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Cheapest Cars To Insure

If you’re looking to buy a new car and get affordable insurance, here’s a list of the cheapest cars to insure. While most drivers only focus on the cost of loan payments and vehicle maintenance, it’s also important to consider cars with the lowest insurance rates if you want to save money in the long-run. Because premiums can sometimes vary significantly between different types of vehicles, makes and models, we recommend consumers compare insurance quotes online to find out how much auto insurance is going to cost before making a purchase.

Although many of the cars with the cheapest insurance are small to midsize SUVs and sedans, there were also a variety of trucks, minivans, and even luxury brands that made the list. Below, check out the least expensive cars to insure in 2022.

What is the cheapest car to insure?

Studies show that the Toyota Tundra was the cheapest car to insure with annual rates of $1,680, or about $140 per month. Other cars with low-cost insurance include the Volkswagen Golf, Kia Optima, Jeep Compass, Toyota Camry, Mazda 3, and Nissan Pathfinder.

Every year, the list of cheapest cars to insure changes. For example, in 2016, the cheapest cars to insure included the Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Volvo S80 and Chevy Impala. Notably, these cars were also some of the cheapest sedans to insure that year.

Below, you’ll find a current, complete list of cars with the best insurance rates, ranked by cost to insure. This data was collected by getting quotes for a 30-year-old driver from the top companies in several major cities across the United States.

Car Make & ModelAverage RatesAverage Car ValueType of Vehicle
Toyota Tundra$1,680$35,600Truck
Mazda CX-5$1,695$21,000SUV
Volkswagen Golf$1,695$17,600Hatchback
Kia Optima$1,703$20,200Sedan
Kia Sorento$1,703$25,100SUV
Kia Soul$1,703$14,300Wagon
Kia Sportage$1,703$21,050SUV
Jeep Compass$1,710$17,300SUV
Volkswagen Jetta$1,711$17,150Sedan
Jeep Patriot$1,715$15,750SUV
Kia Forte$1,717$13,550Sedan
Volkswagen Passat$1,718$16,950Sedan
Toyota Sienna$1,720$29,400Minivan
Jeep Wrangler$1,721$29,300SUV
Toyota Camry$1,722$20,900Sedan
Mazda 3$1,728$17,930Sedan
Toyota Corolla$1,734$15,750Sedan
Nissan Pathfinder$1,737$30,650SUV
Nissan Rogue$1,738$20,800SUV
Toyota Prius$1,738$16,200Hatchback
Nissan Murano$1,745$29,000SUV
Subaru Impreza$1,749$17,900Hatchback
Nissan Versa$1,750$10,800Sedan
Subaru Forester$1,760$21,650SUV
Subaru Legacy$1,764$20,350Sedan
Nissan Sentra$1,765$14,500Sedan
Toyota Highlander$1,768$33,850SUV
Subaru Outback$1,771$25,150SUV
Toyota Tacoma$1,791$25,100Truck
Mercedes-Benz C-Class$1,801$36,300Sedan
Nissan Frontier$1,801$22,500Truck
Nissan Altima$1,807$19,900Sedan
Hyundai Tucson$1,833$19,700SUV
Chevrolet Traverse$1,886$28,150SUV
Chevrolet Trax$1,886$10,350SUV
Chrysler 200$1,886$16,800Sedan
Dodge Challenger$1,886$30,600Coupe
Dodge Charger$1,886$33,000Sedan
Dodge Dart$1,886$13,250Sedan
Dodge Durango$1,886$31,800SUV
Ford Expedition$1,886$36,100SUV
Ford Focus$1,887$14,350Sedan
Ford Explorer$1,891$28,750SUV
Chevrolet Tahoe$1,892$47,100SUV
Dodge Journey$1,892$20,600SUV
Ford Mustang$1,892$29,500Convertible
Ford Taurus$1,892$22,700Sedan
GMC Terrain$1,892$23,900SUV
Honda Civic$1,892$19,800Sedan
Honda CR-V$1,892$24,100SUV
Chevrolet Impala$1,893$24,250Sedan
Ford Edge$1,893$26,250SUV
Chevrolet Equinox$1,899$22,600SUV
Honda Odyssey$1,899$27,700Minivan
Chrysler 300$1,900$25,700Sedan
Honda Accord$1,900$21,500Sedan
Chevrolet Malibu$1,901$15,500Sedan
GMC Acadia$1,901$34,700SUV
Hyundai Accent$1,901$11,350Hatchback
Honda Pilot$1,902$31,250SUV
Hyundai Elantra$1,902$16,000Sedan
Chevrolet Colorado$1,907$26,900Truck
BMW 3-Series$1,908$32,300Sedan
Chevrolet Cruze$1,909$14,900Sedan
Honda Fit$1,910$15,250Hatchback
Buick Encore$1,915$20,050SUV
Ford Fiesta$1,916$12,300Sedan
Jeep Cherokee$1,919$21,300SUV
Acura MDX$1,933$39,400SUV
Chevrolet Camaro$1,933$31,900Coupe
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It’s important to keep in mind that your own insurance premiums may be slightly higher or lower based on your age, gender, coverage, driving record, claims history, deductible amount, and state’s mandatory requirements. However, you can generally assume that a good car with safety features will get you cheap rates.

Furthermore, the best cars for insurance are the ones with the lowest average number of claims or the least expensive repair costs. For instance, cars with less horsepower such as SUVs and sedans will usually get lower prices than sports cars. And you won’t find any luxury vehicles worth over $40,000 because high-end cars cost more to repair or replace.

Surprisingly, the cheapest sports cars to insure are the Dodge Challenger, Ford Mustang, and Chevy Camaro.

Finally, it is worth noting that some drivers would have expected very safe, reliable, and popular vehicles such as the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord to cost less to insure compared to others on the list. Unfortunately, these cars are often targeted by thieves. And because new car owners buy comprehensive insurance (full coverage) that pays out if a vehicle is stolen, this increases the cost of coverage for drivers and companies.

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Cheapest Make of Car To Insure

Here is the list of cheapest car brands to insure. Often, the cost of insurance for a particular make of car depends on the value and quality of the vehicles it produces. You’ll notice that Volkswagen, Kia, Mazda, Toyota and Honda generally manufacture affordable cars and are therefore cheaper to insure, whereas car brands like Mercedes-Benz and BMW are luxury brands with higher values and increased repair costs.

Curiously, there is also little difference among insurance prices for different models within a brand. For example, insuring the most expensive and least expensive Chevy or Ford will cost only about $50 more per year.

MakeAverage Yearly Rate
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What type of car is cheapest to insure?

The cheapest type of car to insure is a wagon, followed by a hatchback, minivan, and truck. These types of vehicles are frequently purchased by families who want safety features that protect their loved ones. Similarly, parents and married couples have been shown to be more responsible, defensive drivers.

One reason sedans and SUVs have higher average premiums is the fact that there are more luxury car makers in these categories selling expensive vehicles. For instance, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Audi, and Range Rover concentrate on building luxury sedans, SUVs, and coupes, but none manufacture a minivan or truck.

RankType of CarAverage Premiums
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Cheapest SUVs To Insure

The SUVs with the lowest insurance rates include the Mazda CX-5, Kia Sorento and Sportage, Jeep Compass, Patriot, and Wrangler, Nissan Pathfinder and Rogue, Subaru Forester, Toyota Highlander, Honda CR-V and Pilot, and Chevy Tahoe.

Cheapest Sports Cars To Insure

Sports cars with low insurance rates include the Dodge Challenger, Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, Dodge Charger, BMW Z4, Subaru BRZ, and Audi TT.

Cheapest Sedans To Insure

Sedans with the cheapest premiums include the Kia Optima and Forte, Volkswagen Jetta and Passat, Toyota Camry and Corolla, Honda Accord and Civic, Chrysler 200, Volvo S80, Subaru Legacy, and Nissan Altima.

Cheapest Trucks To Insure

The least expensive trucks to insure include the Toyota Tundra, Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, Chevy Colorado, GMC Sierra 1500, Chevy Silverado 1500, Ford F-150, and GMC Canyon.

Cheapest Minivans To Insure

Some of the cheapest minivans to buy insurance for include the Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey, Kia Rondo, Mazda Mazda5, and Dodge Grand Caravan.

How To Save Money on New Car Insurance

Although the cost of insurance may not be your primary concern when buying a new car, it is important to keep the factors that affect your rates in mind. The best cars for insurance are determined by the following factors:

  • Cost of repair or replacement: how expensive your vehicle is to repair or replace will determine the amount of your claims. Makes and models that statistically result in higher claims and payouts require companies to charge higher premiums to make money.
  • Frequency of incidents, accidents, and claims: how often your car’s model is involved in a claim will impact your rates. Cars that allow for reckless driving or speeding have higher-priced coverage.
  • Cost of damage to other vehicles: because most states require liability insurance coverage, the more damage your vehicle causes other cars involved in a crash or incident, the more your insurance company will ultimately have to pay out. This is why big SUVs and trucks have high insurance premiums.

Combined with your personal rating factors and driving record, insurers use this information to calculate how risky it is to cover you. Ultimately, the only way to get cheap insurance is to compare quotes and coverage options. Fortunately, the process of completing an insurance comparison has become easy and simple – just enter your zip code to find companies in your area and get started!