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Cheapest Used Cars To Insure

Curious about the cheapest used cars to insure? Learning which cars have the cheapest insurance is one way to get the lowest premiums. And while your age, gender, and driving history can affect your auto insurance rates, buying one of the least expensive cars to insure is another important way to keep your premiums down and save money.

From the top car makers in the world, such as Honda, Toyota, Ford, GM, Hyundai and Nissan, to sedans, vans, SUVs and trucks, we’ve put together a list of the cheapest old cars to insure. If you’re researching buying a new or used vehicle and want to compare the total cost of ownership before making your purchase, check out these cars with the best insurance rates!

Which Used Cars Are the Cheapest to Insure?

Here are the cars with the lowest auto insurance rates! Just remember that the average cost of insurance provided below is based on drivers across the United States and your individual premiums will depend on you and your state’s insurance laws and requirements. The only way to know for certain how much your auto insurance will cost is to get instant quotes online and compare companies, policies, and prices.

So after you check out the cheapest SUVs, sedans, vans, and trucks to insure, go ahead and start a quick quote comparison online to see which companies are offering you the best rates!

Used Make & Model VehiclesAverage Annual Premium Paid
Honda CR-V$1,450
Chrysler PT Cruiser$1,450
Ford Taurus$1,452
Dodge Caravan$1,464
Toyota Tacoma$1,464
Toyota RAV4$1,465
Toyota Prius$1,488
Dodge Grand Caravan$1,511
Hyundai Santa Fe$1,512
Ford Escape$1,513
Pontiac Grand Am$1,515
Ford Explorer$1,517
Honda Odyssey$1,525
Toyota Highlander$1,527
Saturn Vue$1,531
Toyota Corolla$1,532
Volkswagen Jetta$1,536
Ford F-150$1,548
Toyota Camry$1,549
Ford Focus$1,551
Chrysler Town and Country$1,560
Jeep Liberty$1,560
Hyundai Elantra$1,561
Hyundai Sonata$1,572
Chevrolet HHR$1,572
Honda Civic$1,572
Jeep Grand Cherokee$1,584
Chevrolet Silverado$1,584
Chevrolet Trailblazer$1,584
Lexus RX$1,596
Ford Expedition$1,596
Chevrolet Tahoe$1,608
Nissan Sentra$1,632
Chrysler Sebring$1,635
Chevrolet Equinox$1,636
Honda Accord$1,644
Chevrolet Malibu$1,647
Toyota Scion$1,656
Chevrolet Impala$1,669
Chevrolet Cobalt$1,680
Lexus ES$1,681
Dodge Ram$1,685
Ford Mustang$1,692
Nissan Altima$1,740
Pontiac G6$1,742
Ford Fusion$1,752
Nissan Maxima$1,824
Chrysler 300$1,836
Dodge Charger$1,956
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How To Find Cars with the Best Insurance Rates

Understanding why some cars are cheaper to insure than others can be an important factor when deciding which types of vehicles to buy. Cars with the lowest insurance rates range from sedans to SUVs, but none of them are luxury or sports cars. There are a few reasons old, used cars get the cheap insurance quotes.

For starters, old cars result in lower payouts and claims. Generally, drivers only buy liability insurance on older vehicles. The difference in cost between liability and full coverage auto insurance is usually substantial, so why pay more for full coverage when you could be saving your money for a new car in the future. This means that insurance companies won’t have to pay for damage to your vehicle in the case of an accident.

Another difference between the most and least expensive cars to insure is that repairs for affordable make and model vehicles are less costly. Replacement parts tend to be inexpensive. Furthermore, in the event you have a really bad collision and your car is totaled, insurance companies have a smaller claim amount to pay out.

Finally, consumers will also notice that most of the cars above are regularly rated the safest vehicles to drive. The Honda Odyssey and CR-V, Toyota RAV4 and Camry, Hyundai Santa Fe and Elantra, and Nissan Altima are cheap to insure because they come equipped with loads of safety features that make them low-risk for companies.

When it comes to purchasing a used vehicle, a top priority should always be keeping your family safe and minimizing injuries in accidents. Fortunately, the side benefit is that these cars get the cheapest rates!

Compare Instant Insurance Quotes For Used Cars

If you’re going used car shopping and want to know how much your insurance will cost, you can always compare quotes online. A quick quote online can help you make a smart purchase and avoid surprises. Just enter your zip code and pick from the top companies in your area. Even if you don’t plan on switching providers, having a competing price from another insurer can be a great way to ask your carrier to lower your rates to match!