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24-Hour Car Insurance

Here’s what you need to know…

  • 24-hour car insurance is useful if you are buying, renting, or borrowing a car
  • Short-term car insurance can be as little as $10 per day but become expensive if you keep it long-term
  • Not everyone can qualify for one-day car insurance

24-hour car insurance is a type of short term insurance coverage that typically lasts for only a single day. Since the largest car insurance companies generally do not sell 24-hour insurance coverage, a 24-hr insurance company can be hard to find.

In some instances, your existing policy may offer protection in the scenarios where 24-hr insurance may be needed.  However, if you plan to get temporary insurance for one day, we still recommend you shop around for 24-hour  insurance quotes to find cheap rates and good coverage from the best car insurance companies.

Below, we’ll explain everything you need to know about one-day insurance. Keep reading to learn the amount of coverage you can buy, the benefits of this type of policy, when you may need to get protection for a day, and who is eligible.

Our goal is to help you find good coverage at the cheapest rates with a reputable provider.

You could call a 24-hour car insurance number, but with online quotes available 24/7, insurance quotes are easy to get. Enter your ZIP now to receive an affordable 24-hour auto insurance quote and compare 24-hour car insurance rates. 

What are the differences between 24-hour car insurance and regular car insurance?

Simply put, 24-hr insurance coverage is temporary, short-term coverage that provides you with certain levels of protection. It is typically far more affordable than your average six- or 12-month car insurance policy, but it supplies you with much the same coverage.

If you need coverage longer than a day, week, or month, you will do better with a standard policy. Although temporary insurance is cheaper, that only holds if you keep it for the short term.

For 24hr car insurance comparison, look at average annual rates of auto insurance based on coverage type. This will give you an idea of costs for different levels of coverage.

Average Annual Car Insurance Rates Based on Coverage Type
CompaniesAverage Annual Rates for Low CoverageAverage Annual Rates for Medium CoverageAverage Annual Rates for High Coverage
American Family$3,368.49$3,544.37$3,416.40
Avg Price$3,754.18$3,961.99$4,143.29
Liberty Mutual$5,805.75$6,058.57$6,356.04
Monthly Avg$312.85$330.17$345.27
State Farm$3,055.40$3,269.80$3,454.80
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Although high coverage is more expensive, the peace of mind of knowing you are covered for various situations is worth it. High or full coverage averages $11.50 a day with a standard auto insurance policy.

Though it is not a good idea to purchase temporary insurance for every situation, it can bridge gaps between coverage or help you stay insured during short-term changes in your driving habits.

24 hour car insurance for new drivers may be something you need. For example, cheap one-day car insurance or monthly car insurance for new drivers may be the best way to cover yourself when buying a new car or finally getting licensed as an adult.

We understand if you’re looking for 24-hour car insurance near me; short-term insurance will allow you the time to shop around and compare quotes, coverage, and companies before choosing a policy.

What type of short-term car insurance coverage can you buy?

Not all insurance companies offer this sort of coverage, but providers who do sell it provide drivers with options for getting just the right amount of protection they want or need.

There is not much difference between a standard auto insurance policy and 24-hour coverage. Generally, the only difference is the amount of time the policy is in effect. Most standard policies are in effect for six months or one year.

What kind of coverage do you need for just one day?

Typically, 24-hour insurance companies allow you to purchase a different type of car insurance coverage,  as a liability-only or full coverage, including comprehensive and collision insurance.

The benefit of full coverage is that it pays for your own injuries and auto repairs, even in the event of an at-fault accident. It also covers damage from weather, theft, and vandalism.

However, like traditional car insurance, short-term policy rates will depend on your age, gender, driving history, the make and model of the car getting insured, the amount of coverage you buy, and other risk rating factors.

What are the benefits of short-term car insurance?

AAA states that most states require at least minimum car insurance to drive legally. Perhaps the biggest benefit associated with purchasing 24-hr car insurance is that you can get covered as soon as you make your payment.

This way, if you want to borrow, rent, or even buy a car but don’t currently have insurance coverage, you can drive home without breaking the law or risking a collision that would leave you financially responsible for damages and injuries.

It also helps that there are plenty of options for cheap rates from 24 hour car insurance companies. The cost of coverage is different by state, company, and driver. Thankfully, 24-hour auto insurance prices can be as low as $10 per day.

A regular insurance policy is much cheaper in the long-term. However, this is a good price on temporary coverage for one day, and it is worth looking at 24-hour auto insurance companies.

Why would you need temporary car insurance?

You may choose to buy 24-hr insurance coverage on a car for several reasons. It may be cheaper to get short-term coverage in a variety of situations.

The most common reasons to get temporary car insurance include:

  • Buying A New Car – According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, if you fail to have car insurance on your new car, the lender can force you to buy coverage which is usually much more expensive.
    • Do you need car insurance before you buy a car? If you do not currently have car insurance, but you are buying a new car, coverage with car insurance for 24 hours can allow you to drive your new vehicle off the lot safely and legally while you shop around for the best rates.
  • Renting A Car – If you plan to rent a car, your current insurance policy may not cover rental cars. If you aren’t covered, you may need to buy temporary car insurance.
    • Many rental companies will allow you to purchase this insurance directly through them at the time of your rental, but you may find that buying your own short-term policy comes with much lower rates. Not all auto rental companies allow this, so be sure that you check with them before buying a temporary policy.
  • Borrowing A Car – Usually when you borrow someone else’s car, their car insurance policy will cover you to drive it. Even though your name is not on their policy, as you will be covered as long as you do not live in the same household, Many people who borrow cars still prefer to take out a day, weekly, or even 12-hour car insurance for extra peace of mind. What’s more, some insurance policies specifically exclude other drivers, and in this case, you would need to purchase one-day car insurance to protect yourself and cover the car you are driving.

No matter your reason, short-term car insurance can be beneficial.

Who can get 24-hour car insurance?

Although most drivers can get temporary coverage without issues, 24-hr car insurance is only available to drivers who are 21 years of age or older. In fact, there are many insurance companies who won’t even sell drivers a 24-hour policy, or any type of temp car insurance, under 25 years old.

One reason is that, unlike other types of insurance, companies do not factor in your driving record when it comes to determining your rate. If you are a high-risk driver, you may not be eligible for short-term insurance at all. For this reason, it is critical that drivers always shop around to get the best and cheapest one-day car insurance coverage.

It’s also important to shop around because not all companies will look at you the same. Just because one 24-hour auto insurance company won’t offer you car insurance, perhaps another company will.

Is getting 24-hour car insurance worth it?

Most states require drivers to carry at least a minimum of liability car insurance. If you drive without insurance, even for just one day, you will be subject to fines, possible license suspension, and even jail time. Not to mention you will be responsible for any damages caused by an accident.

Considering how inexpensively you can get short-term auto insurance, there is no reason to risk it.

What information do you need to provide to get short-term car insurance?

In order to get any type of auto insurance, you will have to provide the same information.

These are the things that most car insurance companies will want to know in order to give you a quote:

  • Your driver’s license number and the license numbers of any other drivers that will be on your policy
  • The detail of the car you wish to insure, including VIN and mileage
  • Your driving history
  • Your car insurance history

Giving a car insurance company these details will help you get an accurate quote.

How quickly can you get car insurance?

While you should be able to get an auto insurance quote instantly online, it might take a few hours for your policy to go into effect. Many companies require a down payment to begin your insurance. You will need to fill out all of the paperwork and pay the deposit if it’s required. Then your policy will go into effect.

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