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High Risk Auto Insurance

Looking for high risk auto insurance? Finding cheap car insurance for high risk drivers can be a challenge if you don’t know where to look. While insurance quotes for drivers with a bad driving record won’t be as low as others who have a clean history, there are still ways to get affordable high risk car insurance coverage, including liability and full coverage. In fact, high-risk drivers will still have access to all the best insurance companies in the United States, including GEICO, Allstate, State Farm, Progressive, Bristol West, Titan, and The General.

Below, we’ll show you how to get the best car insurance for bad drivers. In addition to breaking down the cost of high risk insurance by state and providing a list of top high risk auto insurance companies that accept risky drivers, we’ll discuss some ways to lower your rates and buy the cheapest policies.

Best High Risk Auto Insurance Companies

While some insurance companies specialize in offering affordable car insurance for high risk drivers, the complete list of high risk auto insurance companies includes some of the biggest names in the industry such as Allstate, State Farm, Progressive, The General, Acceptance, Bristol West, and Titan Insurance.

In the chart below, we compare the best high risk insurance companies (GEICO, Allstate, Nationwide, and MetLife) to find the cheapest rates by category.

If you’re looking for providers that take high risk drivers, on average, GEICO is the cheapest high risk auto insurance company in the United States. Nonetheless, Allstate is a close second, and was even cheaper in the “DUI and Accident” category, averaging $2,300 per year versus GEICO’s $2,500. Otherwise, Nationwide and MetLife were consistently more expensive. If you’re looking for cheap high risk auto insurance, the top company with the lowest quotes seems to be GEICO or Allstate.

It is important to note that this information was collected using a limited sample size, and the results of this study may not accurately reflect the cost of car insurance for you. Your high risk premiums will depend on your state of residence, age, gender, driving history, make and model vehicle, as well as other factors. As always, it is critical that consumers compare car insurance quotes from multiple companies before buying coverage.

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List of High Risk Auto Insurance Companies

Here’s a complete list of high risk auto insurance companies. Also known as non-standard insurance companies, these providers cater to people with bad driving records. Whether you’ve gotten multiple tickets or moving citations, been involved in several car accidents or collisions, have poor credit, allowed your coverage to lapse, or simply need to file SR-22 paperwork with the government, these are good companies for high risk insurance coverage.

  • GEICO Casualty
  • Titan (a subsidiary of Nationwide)
  • Bristol West (a subsidiary of Farmers)
  • The General (a subsidiary of American Family Insurance)
  • Allstate
  • State Farm
  • Progressive
  • Acceptance
  • Safe Auto
  • Victoria (subsidiary of Nationwide)
  • Infinity
  • Direct
  • United Automobile
  • Alliance United

Cost of High Risk Auto Insurance

Wondering how much is high risk car insurance? Below, we compared the cost of high risk auto insurance by state. You will find that insurance rates for high risk drivers are different depending on the state you live in and the type of violation you commit. Moving violations such as speeding tickets will affect your premiums, but not nearly as much as a DUI or accident.

However, the highest premiums are reserved for inexperienced, young drivers or college students because this risk category is the most expensive for companies to insure.

DUI & Accident
Young Driver
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia
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How To Get Cheap High Risk Auto Insurance

Although car insurance quotes and comparisons can help you save money, there are proactive steps you can take to cut your cost of coverage and lower your premiums. Here are some ways to get the cheapest auto insurance for high risk drivers!


While car insurance quotes can help drivers compare the rates of different companies, online comparisons may not always take advantage of all the discounts for which a driver is eligible. The best car insurance companies offer discounts for multiple policies, multiple cars, customer loyalty, good drivers, good students, and low mileage.

To save money with cheap high risk auto insurance, drivers should get online quotes and then call the insurer to ask about additional discounts. Often, a driver is eligible to take advantage of more than one discount which can save hundreds of dollars on rates. Potential policyholders can even use quotes from other companies to negotiate with sales representatives.

Defensive Driving

Companies offer up to a 10% discount for 3 years to drivers who successfully complete a defensive driving course. All drivers, regardless of age or driving record, are eligible for this driver’s education discount. Classes are available online or in classrooms, take about 8 hours to complete and cost between $30 and $50. If a driver completes a class every 3 years, the discount will continue to be in effect and likely save them at least $100 per year.

Check Your Driving Record

Being labeled a high risk driver isn’t a lifetime problem. Depending on your state’s laws, accidents, traffic citations and DUIs remain on a driver’s record for up to 7 years, and in many cases, speeding tickets and traffic citations are dropped after 3 years.

If you believe a past accident or citation is preventing you from getting cheap car insurance, you may want to request a copy of your driving record. Sometimes the DMV fails to expunge citations or accidents from a driving record and, occasionally, the records may be incorrect, especially if you’ve completed a defensive driving program to avoid a ticket affecting your premiums. Drivers can contact the DMV to remove errors from their driving history.

High Risk Auto Insurance Quotes

Auto insurance for high risk drivers doesn’t have to be expensive or overpriced. If you’re looking to compare car insurance quotes, just enter your zip code and choose a company to get a free and instant quote. Even if you are happy with your current company or premium, guarantee yourself peace of mind that you are getting the best rates and compare quotes from a few of the top companies.