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What is a car insurance deductible and how does it work?

Your deductible is the amount that you pay before your insurance begins covering repairs High and low deductibles will affect how much you pay each month It would be beneficial to discuss multiple deductible options with your insurer to determine what is best for you When considering a car insurance deductible, you should know how […]

Is full coverage really full?

When it comes to full coverage car insurance, you should consider the cost and if your vehicle is worth it. Since full coverage insurance holds multiple optional policies, it can be more expensive than traditional liability coverage. In addition, the factors that affect car insurance rates during underwriting will also have a significant impact on […]

Will my car insurance cover a lightning strike?

What to Know A lightning strike can be covered by car insurance Comprehensive car insurance offers coverage against a variety of damages You may want to wait to file a claim if it’s close to or under your deductible Will car insurance cover a lightning strike? It turns out it likely depends on the type […]

Will my car insurance cover slashed tires?

What to Know Many car insurance companies will cover slashed tires A comprehensive policy will cover replacement tires Make sure it’s worth the value before you file a claim When your car is vandalized or suffers other damage, you’re likely to be under a great deal of stress. However, as long as you have comprehensive […]

Will my car insurance cover vandalism?

What to Know Comprehensive car insurance can cover vandalism It may be worth it to pay out of pocket, depending on cost and deductible Filing a claim through insurance is likely to raise your rates Can car insurance cover vandalism? Depending on your type of coverage, you may be able to keep from paying completely […]